Painting Your Home’s Interior to Add Value

So you are thinking about selling your home, and are willing to take on a project or two, but have a limited budget, and you’re wondering where to start.

As with all things real estate, your primary objective as a seller should be to target those things that you can put $1 into and get $2 back. If maximizing your profit is your main goal, then the best place to start is with painting your home’s interior.

The problem most sellers have is they just don’t know what colors and styles to pick. The goal of this post is to educate you on current trends in the market place so that you, the seller, can make wise decisions in your paint color choices.

interior designWhat is always hard for me as a real estate agent  is to be invited into a seller’s home, and from there tell them they need to change their color concepts because they aren’t what people like. As a seller you have to be able to detach your emotions from your house, and understand that it is not my goal to hurt your feelings; my goal is to maximize your profit.

With that in mind, when getting your home ready for the market, the first step is to neutralize all paint colors throughout the home; most specifically accent walls. While I understand that most accent walls likely look appealing with the current décor, it is very unlikely that the new buyer will be decorating the home in the exact same style, and will thus see the accent wall as a ‘project’ that needs doing.

Buyers hate projects!

I am not picking on accent walls or the people who like them. Any room that has been painted with a vibrant, non-neutral tone will need to be painted. As mentioned before, you don’t have to paint these walls because you have bad taste. Agents ask sellers to paint these walls because buyers want to see a home as a blank canvas; a place they can make their own.

Red Purple Brick Wall

Once you have targeted the rooms/walls that need painting, now it is time to pick your paint colors. Remember, these need to be neutral tones. At this current time in real estate trends, there really are only 2 wall color genres to choose from, and only one color to choose for trim color.

For walls, you may not already know it, but your paint color has likely already been picked for you depending on your home’s style:

Rustic, Craftsman, and Victorian style homes can paint the walls beige/sand color and create a warm neutral feel that works well with most buyer’s color pallets.

Beige interior

Modern, Contemporary, and Victorian style homes can paint the walls grey. The color pallets that grey tones mesh well with are significantly more limited; however, it is hard to ignore the demand for homes with this style. This color is best staged with teals, blues, and even some yellow for variety.

Gray interior

And as for the trim… you’d be out of your mind to paint it anything except for white/cream. This includes real wood trims with authentic blonde and oak coloring. Don’t be afraid to either sand your trim down and paint it white, or completely remove it and install high seated 9″ white trim. This trim can be found for less than 50cents/linear-foot, and adds a custom look to your home.

There are, or course, exceptions to this rule. For instance, from a personal stand point, I have had success selling homes when leaving kiddos rooms pink or blue when staged with children’s furniture. This appears to appeal to buyer’s emotions, and helps create attachment to a home.

pink room

As always, no matter where you are in the country, if you have question or would like advice on how to paint, what to paint, or what colors to choose, don’t hesitate to give me a call or shoot me an email.

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